The One That Kept It Simple

Color is awesome. That seems like an incredibly silly sentence when you type it out but let’s hope you get where I’m going with this: color is a great form of self-expression. But the thing about color is that it can get a bit complicated when you’re, say, waking up to drive your 2-year-old to “school” at 7am after getting up to pee 3,000 times the night before.


So if you’re like me (read: pregnant, crabby, covered and relatively exhausted even before you get out of bed in the morning) then you reach for all things black & white, call it an outfit, and write a blog post that says nothing in particular except for the summation of: wear black & white because it’s easy.


You’re welcome, guys.

You. Are. Welcome.

 Outfit: Riva

Purse: Sofia Al-Asfoor

Shoes: Marimekko

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