The One with the Three-Piece Suit

This Ramadan we’ve paired up with regional designers from all over the Gulf to bring to you our absolute favorite looks.

We’re starting off the month late (yes. 10 days into Ramadan. we’re sorry we suck but ahhhhh Ramadan makes us slow) but we’re starting off strong with ByLaha, a brand based in Dubai with a clean appeal and a knack for light-weight layering for the days where it’s just too darn hot!

Comments (4)
  1. Büsra says:

    Love this outfit Ascia! It looks extremely comfortable and suits you so well. I suppose the fabric is made of cotton and/or linen? #textilefanatic

  2. Fatimah says:

    This is such a lovely outfit, aaaah how can you always manage to look so classy yet casual? Mashallah! <3

  3. Liyana says:

    LOOVEEEEE this outfit! xx

  4. isma says:

    Gorgeous outfit **heart eyes**

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